"…earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" Jude 3.

The Conquering Power of Crucifixion of Self

 Gleans from Pastor W.F Kumuyi messages at the Deeper Life Worldwide December Retreat 2016
Prevailing Power – GS

Topic – The Conquering Power of Crucifixion of Self

Text – Romans 6:6; Galatians 2:20; Isaiah 14:13-14; Genesis 1:26-27; 3:1-6; Ezekiel 28:14-15
The reason why the Lord has raised us up as Deeper Life Bible Church, to make us to enjoy all that Calvary has provided. The power to conquer through Jesus and His grace falling upon our lives, that power will be realised in your life in Jesus Name.
Look like many people do not know what they need to know about Christ, about His grace, the journey from Adam to Calvary. There is something to know not only in the mind but experiential in Jesus Name. Knowing that the body of sin might be destroyed not cover up, not control, not subdue, but might be destroyed. Self must be crucified, the old man, and the body of sin might be destroyed.
He is the personal experience that Paul possessed, so that we can now that the possibility, experience is there for us to have as he did.
Many people do not know the difference between sin and self.
Lucifer was created without sin, but yet self brought him down.
Self brought sin, and sin brought punishment.
Adam and Eve were created in the image of God, without sin, and yet self brought them down.
He sold what he whatever to sell to them on the platform of self that was in them. That self to be like god was what the serpent used to bring them down.
If self is not crucified, our spiritual lives will still be not pleasing unto God, that is why the Lord is calling to conquer and crucify the thing that brought Lucifer and Adam and Eve down
He was perfect at the time of his creation until self raised up its own authority. Self made Him fall. That’s is why it’s so important for us to retain the spiritual life in us and get to eternity with God, self must be completely crucified. Christ has the free to set us free from self.
3 points;
Point 1. The Perverseness and Contamination by Self
Job 9:20; Isaiah 44:20; 2 Corinthians 10:12; Isaiah 65:5; Job 14:7-9
Self perverts, derails us, takes away the crown from the head of man, and bring him to be a crawling snail, it contaminates and makes us defiles.
Because of the self that abides within,and still alive in us, we will be found perverse before God.
There are many people that goes about with self confidence that they cannot fall, but they do not understand that as long that self is till there, it can bring them down.
People looks at the superficial life, external things, they don’t look at the depth of the motive behind all the good things that they do, motivated by the glory for God, but these are motivated by self. We should not compare ourselves with others.
How do you recognise that self is within? Self produces
1. Self absorption – absorbed of self, whatever they do, they do it because they are absorbed by self.
2. Self centred – always looking for self advantage, propagation, honour, because they are self centred.
3. Self interested, only interested in things that will bring profits to them.
4. Self preoccupied, the motive within is preoccupied with self, what am I going to have or doing, not for the glory and obedience to the Lord, it is self.
5. Self seeking, seeking for advantage in the house of God. They do all for self. They shield others who will do better than themselves.
6. Self serving – all their labours is just for the exaltation of self
7. Self admiration – just to look at their faces, work that they have done, never stop talking about it.
8. Self glory, glorying in self.
9. Self satisfaction – alright with themselves.
10. Self conceit – pride in self even when you can see their faults, errors and gone astray but so full of self conceit, everything is alright with them.
11. Self assertion – to assert and protect themselves. Never say that they are wrong, will not admit their faults.
12. Self confidence – just like Peter, will not watch and pray. They do not understand the depth of the christian faith, the demand of God that we should be pure in the inner mind, that self will be dealt with.
13. Self faltering – keep on talking and faltering themselves, not give you rest.
14. Self gratification – just to gratify self, and do all to bring good feeling for self
15. Self indulgence
15. Self opinionated – they are always the best, they cannot work in a team.
16. Self sufficient, they don’t need anybody else.
18. Self defense –
19. Self affirmation
20. Self will
21. Self righteousness – better than other people, more righteous, holier than other people.
More spiritual than anybody else.
Self will contaminate, defile and destroy every other good in your life. The Lord will do this in our lives. And for this to be done, the tree must be caught down.
Our lives have been spoilt by all other external sins that we did, but when we came to Christ, He cleanse, forgives and purge ll those sins. But the root, self, Adamic nature is still there, so we need to uproot that tree of self in us.
We need to uproot that self, and fill that vacancy with the power of the Spirit.
Point 2. The Purging and the Crucifixion of Self
Psalms 51:6-13; Romans 6:6,7; Galatians 2:20; John 12:24-26; 2 Timothy 2:21; 1 Corinthians 9:27
The Lord needs to take away and destroy self in us, that is why the Lord came, not just to save us.
We are saved, born again, the sin has been taken away, the branches of sins have been caught down. Now we need to deal with the root.
The call to fight Philistines was a call to David not Joab. So when he did not fulfil that call, he was at home, he began to lust after the woman, in his heart not just when he saw or when he sent the husband to the battle front, so he knew that the Lord needs to deal with the inner part of us. There is self, sin, old man and iniquity, needs purging in that inward part. He was being eaten up by self internally. He has trained himself to do activities outwardly, and yet the bones have been broken internally. Only he knew that he has lost the joy of serving the Lord. You can do all those activities for your destruction.
We may know salvation by the preaching of others, but knowing by personal experience that we are sincere with ourselves, visited the Cross, that self must be dealt with in our lives, pushing you to do good, so that you can cover up. See the activities of self, the power, association, companionship of self, so I must take self to Calvary. There comes a time in your christian life, that this self is crucified. How do you know this?
1. Self confrontation
2. Self analysis, tackling to your inner mind, to see if that is for glory of God
3. Self examination, you do this deliberate to see if there is any rat or pollution hiding in you.
4. Self reflection that you sit to reflect and think back and think through on all that you do, if it is for the glory of God or for self.
5. Self denial, that anything that will give pleasure to the self you can’t do it.
6. Self discipline, when to speak, talk, courageous, demonstrate conviction.
7. Self sacrifice, not looking for the easy way out, but the way of the Cross
8. Self forgetfulness – forget your self, honour, pride
9. Self report, go back to God every time to report yourself to God.
10. Self scrutiny – that self importance is now gone
We need to come to Calvary like Paul came, to crucify our self, the old man is taken away, the Christ is present, prominent and preeminent in us.
Through purging and crucifixion of self, God’s greater grace now produces a new life, a new God honouring and glorifying life because self is taken care of.
Do you see how people come to the retreat, at the beginning, proud, self gratifying, and at the end proud, and still self gratifying. The preaching does not cleanse and set you free, it is your response to what is preached that cleanses and purges your life. The preaching just show you how to be cleanse and purge.
Nobody will keep that body under for you, you have to do it yourself. You have to bring it under subjection in your life, put self under, until I see the evidence that you are under.
Understand that self will keep you away from heaven. It can take heaven away from you, until you make up your mind that this self is brought under.
Why don’t you stop all those activities, and take care of this self in you, to make you holy and easy for heaven.
You will be free.
Point 3. The Power of Conquerors over Self
Philippians 3:10; 2:5-8
P – Pattern of absolute surrender is Christ – Philippians 2:5
Not more self exaltation, to be a servant.
He voluntarily humbled Himself
O – Obedience of an approved soldier – 2 Timothy 2:3
Obedience to the prompting of the Spirit, and the teaching of the word of God. This just be the pattern and the priority of your life.
Obedience will bring hardship something, suffering, but you will stick to Him that has calls you into the ministry.
That you may please Him, not them, every where, among your colleagues and neighbours.
You cannot please the Lord, without displeasing those who don’t know the Lord.
W – Willingness of Entire Sanctification – 1 Thessalonians 5:22
Dead to human desire, appreciation and all the things that they do. The joy and the pleasure of the world, you are dead to all these things.
Self knows how to argue, win the argument, but self do not know the way to heaven.
E – the Emblem of acknowledged Servanthood – Luke 17:7-10
A servant cannot have his way, not imposed his way on the Master. The servant will not arrogate to himself the right to do this, not an activist in the society nor in the kingdom, they don’t do that. The church of Christ does not have activists in His church.
R – the Reproduction of His Acceptable Sacrifice – Romans 12:1-2; Romans 6:6
You will know this, this self will be crucify in you, and you will be free.