"…earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" Jude 3.

Perpetual Power for True Holiness

 Gleans from Pastor W.F Kumuyi messages at the Deeper Life Worldwide December Retreat 2016

Topic – Perpetual Power for True Holiness

Text – Luke 1:74,75; Hebrews 12:14
This gives us the passion, pursuit, practical implication of Christ working in our lives, and the hinderance we have, and it defines for us the greatest of enemy in our enemies.
Who is your greatest enemy? What enemy do you need deliverance? The one who hinders you serving God with all your heart, loving God with all your heart, that does not release you to serve God without fear, that is the enemy. If there is any enemy, a great one, a recognised one, is the one that hinders holiness in your life, that does not want you to get to heaven, wants to block the way of holiness and heaven for you, that is the enemy. The one that stands between you and your God that blocks your view, that you cannot see the promises, provision and the power of God before you. He puts a stopping mark before you. He will give us the power, present, perpetual and practical power to overcome all those enemies that wants to stand in your way between you and God.
The life of holiness is commanded, promised, provided by the Lord Himself. This holiness is not a restricted experience, area of life. It is obtained by grace, experienced in the heart and expressed in the life. Holiness is entire, tat affects our thoughts, direct our desires, monitors our conversation, with private relationships, regulates what we say, do, how we act, how we relate with anyone, that affects our public responsibilities as well. Holiness in business practise, affects our families as well, husband and wife, when they are together and absent from each, their faithfulness to the covenant of marriage, holiness that affects your finance, your attitude to money, what you sign for, that affects our friendship, the people you associate with, that affects your appearance, your look, your dressing. Holiness that affects your comportment, things you do, things you refused to do. Holiness that affects our purpose, plans, pursuits, dreams, goals for life. Holiness that affects our worship. Holiness in our spirituality, not frivolous, carefree, not careless, not a person that light but weighty. And God has promised that He will grant us perpetual power for holiness at all times before Him. This is the kind of holiness that will take us to heaven.
You understand this world is not your home, and there are people who don’t think about heaven, but about properties, lands, inheritance, they want to get you out of these your inheritances. The Bible says that even in that, you take your cool, follow peace with all men.
It takes perpetual power, strength, to understand that this holiness the Lord has called me to have, I will have it, and no enemy will minimise this experience of the christian life.
3 points
Point 1. The Insufficient Expression of Outward Holiness
Matthew 23:28; Mark 6:20; Luke 16:15; 2 Chronicles 25:2; Numbers 22:18,38; 23:10,12,26; 24:12-13; 2 Peter 2:14-15; Jude 11; Revelations 2:14; Deuteronomy 23:4-5
Nobody sees our hearts, Thoughts, expect it comes out in actions, attitudes. There are people that are outwardly holy, but we need to go beyond that, because whatever people appreciates in our lives, they are not enough to take us to heaven.
The people you work with, and acts with, they may look at your appearance and dressing, you appears to be holy, come to church, read the Bible, and things you don’t do, appear righteous unto men. All those things are good, they are the outward expression of the holy life. But in your desires, Inward feelings, are you full of hypocrites.
Herod had this outward superficial fear for John the Baptist, this was good, but not enough. He appreciated the life of Hohn to be a holy and righteous, that was good, but not enough. He even heard the word of John gladly. But when he touched about the area of his life that he was faulty.
There are many people that live the kind of life that you will justify. But God knows your heart.
Many times if you read a verse of scriptures, and not read the verse following or before, you will be deceived. The action is coloured somehow, before men, he did that which was right even in the sight of God, but not with a perfect heart. The Lord wants us to go beyond what people see, honour, exalts, but to know what is in our hearts. Go back to God, let Him search your hearts, and tell you, that He needs to purge, perfect and cleanse this in your life and heart.
You cannot find anything wrong with that verse. You will think he was free from covetousness
You will be deceived by people when you listen to what they say. Holiness is beyond what you say.
It is possible to in imitate Christians, and put in the expression of holiness outwardly without having inner holiness. There are people that if they know what they want to get out of a man, they will train themselves to do anything that will make you not to give they what they want from you, until they get it, and then they will come out in their true colours.
You will not see the spirit of covetousness in Balaam, but the Holy Spirit brought this out.
With all the expression of Balaam, he actually wants to do it, to curse the children of Israel because of the gain of money.
It’s very clear the the outward expression, behaviour before men is not sufficient to say we are holy. We need salvation and purity of heart
Point 2. The Indispensable Experience of Inward Holiness
Ephesians 5:25-27; 4:23,24; John 15:1-2; 1 Peter 1:15,16
This is irreplaceable, that we need to have from the presence of the Lord Himself. A church that is cleansed, righteous, have the desire to be holy. The purpose of giving us the word every time is not to entertain, tickle our ears, not to excites us, but to purge and prepare us for heaven.
We cannot create that heart of holiness in ourselves, that is why we go to God, and now He create this holiness in us.
How is our God? Partially, temporarily, no. But He in entirely and eternally holy. Holy in your mind, aspiration, ambition, in every time, fearlessly, courageously, uncompromising, tenaciously, persistently holy, that whatever gain or privilege that will come to you, if it decreases holiness in you, you give it up. Any relationship, job, person that may take holiness from you, that relationship and job is from hell. The holiness the Lord is calling you into is the fearless holiness, that you are not considering any man that might wants to get angry because of your holiness.
The Lord will do it.
Point 3. The Identifiable Evidence of Internal Holiness
Romans 1:4; Psalms 110:1-3
We see these evidences from all these men that will see this holiness from
1. Enoch – Genesis 5:22-24
He walked with God, in sunshine or rain, approval or disapproval of people, appreciated or despised, blue or bloom, not affected by the weather, tradition, custom, condition of the time, politics of the day, he walked with God. Marriage, having children, that is the holiness, deep conviction and consecration.
2. Joseph – Genesis 39:7-12
At this time, father and mother were not there, nobody to check him, to discipline him, but his heart was just after God.
This was a reputable woman, but he refused.
Holiness goes beyond my physical condition.
Privacy, secrecy lends power and strength to temptation.
3. Daniel – Daniel 6:1-4,10
A man of conviction, the lion’s den was there, he knew that they have signed a decreed that is irreversible, yet he stood. It is the holiness in the heart that will not fear the lost of a job, the conspiracy of men and women against him, the threat of Darius.
4. Stephen – Acts 6:3,5; 7:51,55,58-59
Honest report. Check up that degrees they got through extra moral classes, honest report?
5. Lazarus – Luke 16:19-22; Psalms 51:10
He was poor, sickly and diseased, but this did not take him to heaven. He was an Old Testament Saint. He was poor, deprived of this earthly good, but he will not accused not forsake God because of his poverty. No job, no sustenance, no healing, no health, and yet he lived a life that makes the angels to carry him to Abraham’s bosom.
6. Titus – 2 Corinthians 12:18; Titus 2:14
7. Paul and others – 1 Thessalonians 2:10
You can witness my outward action, and God can witness my inward experience.
The Lord did it for all these people, from the Old Testament to the New Covenant, and God has not changed. What He expected at that time, He expect it today. He will give us that perpetual power to live a life of holiness. Holiness, we need His power to do and possess it. He has the power today, and as we come to Him today, and we want that present, practical and perpetual power to live in holiness and righteousness all the days of our lives. He will send that power, to make you holy and righteous.
Faithful is He Who calls you, and He will do it.
Day 3 Sunday 25th December 2016