"…earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" Jude 3.

The Empowered Christian in the World.

Gleans from Pastor W.F Kumuyi messages at the Deeper Life Worldwide December Retreat 2016
Power for the Present Hour

Day 1 Friday 23rd December 2016

Evening Message – GS

Topic – The Empowered Christian in the World. 

Text – 1 Corinthians 4:11; Luke 21:25-26; Revelations 3:10; Galatians 1:3-4; 6:14; John 16:33
The Apostle spoke about the present hour as he wrote to the Corinthians.
As we think about power for the present hour, you want to understand the hour in which we live. This present hour is the hour of insecurity and suffering, but the Lord will grant you the power
This is the hour of distress and perplexities. And it such an hour that brings us together now, to receive the power to live in this present. God will give you stabilising and spiritual power
This is the hour of trials and temptations. We experience challenges and peculiar temptations, but the Lord will give us the power to stand. There are some temptations like the arrows of the devil shoot at you, but the Lord has given us the assurance that there will be power to stand
It is the hour of conflicts and warfare –
We the assurance as we go through this, that I will overcome, because He gives us the power to overcome conflicts and warfare.
There is going to be deliverance, and redemption.
There is hour of darkness and disappointment. But this is your chance as you hold to the promises of God, you will overcome.
There is the hour of His Return that we should not forget. He came the first time and went to Calvary and died for us, and then He rose again for our redemption, that we will have the power to overcome, and He says He will come again as He went up to Heaven. This hour is known only to the Father, and the Lord wants to get us ready for His Return. That’s why we came to this Retreat, that whatever we go through, we will receive the power for the present, and as we cross over to the new year, we will be crossing over not in sickness, nor weakness, but in the power of the Lord in Jesus Name. He empowers you to conquer the world, the flesh, Satan and every demonic powers against your life in Jesus Name.
He will deliver you from every attacks, temptations and arrows coming from the world. Our living in victory, triumph and dominion is the Will of God. He will transforms your life, and empowers you to live victoriously in this world in Jesus Name.
God forbids that I should glory in my native intelligence and natural wisdom, for all this will not avail in the time of trials and temptations, conflicts and warfare, sufferings.
The peace of God will reign in your life. Every tumour of guilt, and troubles will vanish away, you will have peace at this retreat in Jesus Name.
3 points
Point 1. Prevailing Power for Encumbered Captives in the World
Mark 6:31; Luke 10:40; Mark 4:18,19; Jeremiah 4:3; 2 Timothy 2:4; Isaiah 40:28-31
There are things that comes into our lives as a normal man, that takes over our lives and make us captives. That we become slaves, struggled to be free, but we cannot because sin, sickness, powers of darkness invaded the life. The more you struggle, the more you are captured and encumbered. But today the table will turn around, and you will overcome them in Jesus Name.
This is the reason for the retreat,
Come ye yourselves apart and be renewed and receive the old time power.
Come ye yourselves and be refreshed
Come ye yourselves apart and recover. When you face battles, trials and temptations
Come ye yourselves and recuperate, and renews your life.
Come apart before you are turn apart, come apart before your are destroyed.
There are some times that good things we do in our lives can encumbered our lives like in the case of Martha.
The issue of the kingdom, challenge of the kingdom, concentration on holiness, readiness for the coming of the Lord, your victory over those besetting sins, trials, one thing is needful. I pray you will make the right choice. When things encumbered our lives, and we don’t have any time nor desire to pray, just running the rat race all over the world, and we leave our foundation, essential things, forget our salvation, the Lord will give us the strength and power to disengage from all those that swallow up our strength, and we shall win the victory.
The life became encumbered with the cares of this world. The cares of life, and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word you hear during the week, so we need this retreat like this, to examine our lives to know what make the word unfruitful in our lives, and we get rid all those deceitfulness of riches,and the word will become fruitful in us in Jesus Name.
Sow not among thorns, break up your fallow grounds, disengage yourselves from those things that occupied your mind, that you are not able to bear fruits.
We are to forsake those things that hinder the power of God upon our lives.
Some times as you battle the challenges of life, you sweat and faint, is like power is gone, but you will recover lost confidence, courage and conviction, lost christian experiences, you will recover at this time in Jesus Name. This is how to recover, to wait upon the Lord, and get rid all those encumbrances in our lives, all those besetting sins, the weights that easily beset us.
I pray this will be the time, the power for our present hour, and that God will give us the power to overcome in Jesus Name.
Point 2. Preventive Power for Embattled Christians in the World
2 Corinthians 10:4-5; Hebrews 12:1-2; Songs 2:15; 1 Timothy 5:22; 1 Thessalonians 5:22-24
We need to understand and remember that there are spirits, things and people that fight against our progress in life, and then we abandon our goal, aspiration, visions and dreams because of these things that fight against our progress. But as we come to this retreat, we come to recover all. Our prayer life, victory over sin, sickness and Satan, the conviction of a conquering life, we shall recover in Jesus Name.
You try to fight spiritual battle with secular education, native wisdom, all those things cannot overcome.
We will turn over carnal weapons to spiritual and mighty weapons. You will recover your victory. We are coming back to the place of dominion in Jesus Name. Come and be victorious, no need to run away from those battles again.
Pulling down, that thing is above you, and now you will pull them down under you in Jesus Name. A stronghold, a particular sinful trend, bad habit overcomes them. It is at this retreat, that all those stronghold of sins and sickness will be pull down in Jesus Name. The time has come to pull them down. All the knowledge of the promises of God, of the doctrines, of believing God, every thing became zero in your life because of those things, but today you are going to be victorious an call the fear and cowardice of the sinful partner’s will be taken away, and you will overcome in Jesus Name.
Lay aside every weights, and the sin that easily besets sin, weakens your conscience, makes you afraid of that person, make you to forget your consecration unto God.
This battle will soon be over, and we will overcome.
All those little little things, little compromising, sin, that erodes into your convictions, consecration and holiness, and brought lust, you will over them, and you will be righteous and holy in Jesus Name.
Impurity, defilement will try to war against your life, but keep thyself pure.
Abstain from all those appearances of evil, don’t give excuse again.
Point 3. Perpetual Power for Endued Conquerors over the World.
Luke 24:49; Isaiah 40:29-31; 1 Corinthians 4:20; Romans 14:17; Luke 10:19
You cannot conquer if you don’t have power, dedication, power of purpose, power that comes as the Spirit of God is pour abundantly into your life, power that will not make you run away and hide from all those challenges and trials.
This power of salvation, greater power in sanctification, gift of power in the enduement of the Holy Spirit, power in conviction, transformation to be like Jesus Christ.
The reason we have come to this retreat is to recover power, refresh in the presence of the Lord, it’s not a retreat as usual, but we want to have power for the present hour, that challenges come, trials, temptations, duty calls, you will overcome, and then you will wait, tarry and pray until that power comes. Repentance you will make, any restitution to make, you will settle with the Lord, and with the people, and the power of ten sanctified life will come in Jesus Name.
You wait in prayer, seeking the Lord, knocking at His door of mercy.
This why we are tarrying and waiting upon the Lord in this retreat.
You will not lose focus, not complain about meat and rinks, not grumble, not fight, not struggle with anything. You will not forget yourselves, remember that you are here for the kingdom. Joy in the Holy Ghost will come upon our lives
Only the courageous will be crowned. At this crucial hour, the hour of weariness and lukewarmness, worldliness and carnality, we will be empowered and equipped to overcome. We will conquer sin, the flesh, the world and the devil.
You will walk over serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, nobody will stop your journey half way, nothing shall by any means hinder, stop, weaken you. You will be strong.
Power in salvation over sin, power in sanctification over the self, power for the present, perpetual, practical power, we will receive. Let’s seek the Lord for this power.