"…earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" Jude 3.

The Powerful Effect of Prevailing Prayer

Gleans from Pastor W.F Kumuyi messages at the Deeper Life Worldwide December Retreat 2016

Topic – The Powerful Effect of Prevailing Prayer

Text – Psalms 65:2; 55:17; Acts 9;9-11
O thou that hears prayer shall the Gentiles, women, men, sinners and saints, the high and lowly, unto Thee shall all flesh come. The people in the past, present and future dispensation, unto Thee shall all flesh come. Prayer is a means of fellowship with the Creator, the link between the Oppressed and the Redeemer, the link between the captives, the wire that connects the needy and our Benefactor, link between the children and our Heavenly Father, is the chain, link that link the sinner and the Saviour. It is the connection between those who are fainting and the Sustainer, the weak and the Powerful. A relationship with the Father, touch with the Saviour, is prayer. It is a privilege of communication between heaven and earth. Heaven is light, the earth is full of darkness. Prayer is asking, pleading, confessing, seeking, pledging, receiving from God, praising God. It is our communion with God. It is seeking and receiving forgiveness, salvation, grace, help, righteousness, strength, inheritance, fulfilment of the promises of God. That is why we pray. We are men and women in a cross roads, confused, in need of heavenly wisdom, we must pray. The Lord is calling everyone to pray.
We must pray. He supplies strength, gives victory to ten defeated, gives the experiences of life, we pray. There are dangers of the morning, arrows that fly in the day time, and demons at night, we must pray. We pray today because of the journey ahead of us, and future that we have.
Paul has just got converted, and he knew that there are enemies that will try and stop, so he knew that for him to reach his goal, he need to contact the Higher Powers, so you will reach your goals, for you will get the power for the present hour. You will pray and God will answer your prayers.
3 points
Point 1. Fervent Prayers for Indispensable Christian’s Possessions
Isaiah 1:12-20; Matthew 6:31-33; Luke 12:15-21; Mark 8:36; Hebrews 12:14
There are many people who do not understand when we talk about prayer.
There are benefits and blessings temporary and eternal. And you need to make your choice. There are people when they pray, not everything is of equal value. When God touches your heart and prepare your life for eternal home, that is a great blessing. Also the healing of your cut finger is a great blessing, but you cannot compare that to the eternal abode in heaven. This is the problem Esau had, he could not differentiate the meal of the moment and the eternal birthright. Salvation, grace and victory over temptation, holiness of heart, readiness for heaven, power of the Holy Ghost within, all these are greater than earthly blessing, that is why we pray wisely.
The priority of prayer is to settle our relationship with God.
Heaven put priority in the important things in prayer.
The Creator is passionate about relationship with His creatures. He doesn’t want those creatures to be far away. He wants us to come near, have relationship with Him.
Seek ye first the kingdom, and all these things, earthly possessions shall be added unto you. Seek that strength, salvation, holiness, Holy Ghost power first, and all these other things shall be added unto us. All the churches around us, focus on material and earthly pursuits. They don’t understand the words of Jesus. There are things of priority, things that come in the heart of God as number 1.
How do you describe and define covetousness? He gave this parable in Luke 12 to understand the dangers that covetousness pose in our hearts and lives. When you cannot moderate your desire, this the definition of covetousness by Jesus Christ. You long for more and more. Not rich in relationship with God, in holiness, in faith, trusting God for tomorrow. He will be a fool, but I pray that will not happen to you.
If it were possible for you to have money in all your local banks, and you lose your own soul, what unfortunate it will be for you. If you have the 192nd item and you don’t have the number 1 item, salvation and holiness will take you to heaven, you are the most miserable man on earth.
Follow peace with all men, and holiness. Whatever you seek for, you must add holiness to it. This is not a commodity you find in the world and in many churches, but pursue it, follow and run until you get it. After this holiness, healing, houses, children, jobs, success and all other things will come.
Point 2. Fair Perception for Identifiable Conditional Promises
Exodus 15:26; Deuteronomy 28:1-2; 2 Chronicles 7:14; John 14:14-16; 15:7
The Lord has given us promises, but we need to perceive the conditions attached to these promises.
If you are not a careless, carefree, ignorant worshipper, that you give attention to what the Lord tells us, then He will heal us. This is what makes a Christian prays intelligently.
There are promises for the sinners, backsliders, sons and daughters of God, servants of God, they are like registered and addressed letters.
Aaron could not have open up the Red Sea, only Moses could have done that. Caleb could not have stop the Sun, only Joshua could have done that. Sarah could not have pray for the house of Abimlech for the barrenness to be removed, only Abraham can do that. Peter could not have cursed the fig tree, only Jesus could have done that. So when you read the promises of God, find out what category of persons does that promise is for.
When we hearken and listen to His word and commandments, then His blessings shall overtake us in Jesus Name.
You come out of that seat of pride, and bend low before the Father as a creature talking to the Creator, humble yourselves before God.
You must ask in His Name. And then keep His commandments. There is an if, a condition in the blessings before you pray.
If you abide in Him, you will not be stealing, not a drunkard, a smoker, righteousness will be in your life if you abide in Him. There is a condition, and then those promises will be yea and amen in our lives in Jesus Name.
Point 3. Firm Persuasion with Importunate Concentrated Prayer
James 1:5-8; Romans 4:20-
You come to the Him with assurance, persuasion, confidence that this is what He will definitely do in your life, and He will do it in Jesus Name.
This is the Source of all things, come and ask for wisdom, for holiness, salvation, victory over sin, come and ask from God, and He will give unto you.
I am fully persuaded that;
– That my God will not fail
– God will meet all my needs
– The promises of God will be real in my life.
I am fully persuaded. All the attacks will go away.