Past Events

Past Events

May 15, 2021

Ladies’ conference 2021 – Be EXCEPTIONAL

Greetings! We invite you to join us at our virtual Ladies’ conference this year, where women will inspire women through stimulating talks and teachings that will empower you to face the challenges of our time with courage, resoluteness and grace. Speakers at this event will include Lynda Rose, CEO of Voice for Justice UK and Craig Dyer, Training Director with Christianity Explored We look forward to seeing you, at what we expect to be a day well spent! This event…
Mar 21, 2021

Solution Sunday

Meeting ID: 910 959 4042 Password: 112345
Mar 8, 2021

Prayers: solution Sunday

10-day 1-hour prayer for solution Sunday Meeting ID: 910 959 4042. Password:112345
Jan 29, 2021

MEn’s Prayer Night

Doing Exploits For God On Bended Knees Meeting ID: 910 959 4042 Password:112345
Jan 8, 2021

And I sought For A Woman

Intercession Call: Womans Prayer NIght Meeting ID: 910 959 4042 Password: 080121
Dec 26 – 28, 2020

DCLM December Retreat

Theme: Turing Bitterness To Sweetness Zoom Details: Meeting ID: 910 959 4042 Password: 112345
Aug 30, 2020

Singles Conference

For age 19 and above click here to join via zoom link